Thanks again to all of the volunteers that helped out with the April 7th workday. Below is a summary of the work done to and condition of each site:

Donelson Library:

Lime and fertilizer were added this week at the recommendations of the soil tests done earlier in the year. Thus far there is no sign of the rose rosette disease on the Knock-Outs. To fortify their immunity, we plan to add some marigolds in the sunny beds with the hope that they will help deter the mites that carry this virus. Additionally in the color bed this year, we plan to add two varieties of gloriosa daisy: Gloriosa Daisy, Prairie Sun, an AAS winner and Rudbeckia Denver Daisy, two hardy perennials that are drought tolerant and pest resistant.

In the shade garden, three Encore Azaleas were planted on Saturday where the holly was removed. This year, additions to the shade bed include several varieties of hosta, columbine and heuchera. Also in our plan for this year is a mulched area connecting the oak and the saucer magnolia with additional Encore Azaleas.

When the violas are past their prime, low-growing annuals will be planted around the library sign.

We are focusing on low maintenance, drought tolerance and, of course, color.

Briley PKWY Site:

Weed patrol! Weed patrol! On Saturday, April 7th, a crew of about 15 pulled weeds and spread 50+ bales of pinestraw all around the beds.  I believe we’ll be planting some more color next month. Around 10 knock-out rose bushes had been identified as contracting a virus that had either killed them or was in the process of killing them.  As we learned, once the virus is contracted, there is no curing it or preventing it, so they had to be pulled.  The trees are showing signs of good growth and should do well this year.  Exposed rip-rock on the agenda to be buried this year.
The Tollgate Site:
Pulled the weeds from the shrub and flower bed, edged a fresh contour line at the bottom of the bed, spread four bales of fresh pine straw, picked up and disposed of all the roadside litter that accumulates on site, then fertilized the flowering shrubs and young trees, and sprayed the young tree trunks for wood boring insects.The lawn area is maintained by Enviro-Scapes (on Shady Grove in Donelson, owned by Mark and Mike Russell of Old Hickory).Eastgate at the Stones River Greenway:Pulled weeds around the mound and spread mulch. Watered and fertilized flowers and shrubs. Mowed and trimmed grass. Straightened cedar trees and put pine straw around the base of each cedar. Pansies are OK, but not quite as vibrant as expected. There is a large hole in the dirt under the backside of sign, it is surrounded by fur and hay…not sure who the inhabitants are.