Spruce Spider Mites

Spruce Spider Mites David Cook UT Extension Agent &  Donelson Gateway Volunteer Of all the mites that cause injury to conifers, the spruce spider mite (Oligonychus ununquis) is the one of most concern. Despite its common name, this mite feeds on more than 40 species of conifers, but is most commonly found on arborvitae. Start […]

Tips for Beginning a New Garden Project

Tips for Beginning a New Garden Project By: David Cook, UT Extension Agent & Donelson Gateway Volunteer            With any new project, and especially gardening, planning is one of the most important factors if you want to achieve your goals of establishing a healthy landscape, growing beautiful flowers, or having a bountiful harvest of fruits […]

Volunteers Turn Out To Landscape Gateway East

On a cool and clear October morning, people representing all of the neighborhoods in Donelson turned out to do one thing: make thier community better. It took shovels and dirt and rakes and muscle to turn what was once a neglected highway easment into a colorful display of nature. As seen from both the Stones River Greenway and Lebanon Pike, […]